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APRIL 7th, 2020: D.Chamberz ft. Fivio Foreign & Drizzy Juliano  “Throw Dat”

MARCH 27th, 2020: D.Chamberz ft. Jaquae “You Ain’t Bout It”

JANUARY, 2020: D.Chamberz “G5 Flyin”

NOVEMBER, 2019: D.Chamberz ft. Haddy Racks “Streets Keep Callin”

SEPTEMBER, 2019: D.Chamberz “Hats Up”

AUGUST, 2019: D.Chamberz ft. Hanz Hustler’s Talk

JANUARY 28th, 2018: D.Chamberz “Prime Time” – Single

SEPTEMBER 8th, 2017: D.Chamberz Warrior Ambition – EP

JANUARY 5th, 2017: D.Chamberz “I’m French Tho” – Single

SEPTEMBER 24th, 2016: D.Chamberz x NEMs x Torae “Better Days” – Single

SEPTEMBER 19th, 2016: D.Chamberz “Just Brooklyn” – Single

JULY 24th, 2016: D.Chamberz ft. Fivio Foreign “Just Ahh” – Single

APRIL 20th, 2016: D.Chamberz “So Damn Faded” – Single

FEBRUARY 4th, 2016: D.Chamberz ft. Manolo Rose  “A.O.M.N” – Single

SEPTEMBER 30th, 2015: D.Chamberz “More Money” – Single

SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2015: D.Chamberz Remixing The Remixes – Mixtape

MARCH 2015: D.Chamberz “Make The Club Jump” – Single

DECEMBER 17th, 2014: D.Chamberz Warrior Mentality 2: Back 2 Rap

SEPTEMBER 16th, 2014: D.Chamberz ft. Fred the Godson “On My 1, 2”

JUNE 15th, 2014: D.Chamberz ft. Uncle Murda “Shake The Block”

JANUARY 2014: D.Chamberz “Make The Club Jump” & D.Chamberz Ft. Chinx Drugz “For My Homies”

APRIL 16th, 2013: D.Chamberz & Bill Collector “Income Tax”

FEBRUARY 14th, 2013: D.Chamberz #LoveLife Mixtape

JANUARY 15th, 2013: D.Chamberz & Bill Collector “Nikes & Adidas”

JUNE 26th, 2012: D.Chamberz Warrior Mentality Mixtape Hosted By DJ Messiah

OCTOBER 12th, 2011: “Only One” Feat. Pure & Keisha White Releases For Sale

MAY 30th, 2011: “America” Feat. Mysonne Releases For Sale

2011: DJ HoF & D. Chamberz State 2 State Invasion Mixtape

DECEMBER 15th, 2010: “Coney Island Warriors” Releases For Sale

2010: D.Chamberz Bentley Dreams, Jail Nightmares Mixtape Hosted By SMACK DVD & Suge White

2008: D.Chamberz One In The Chamber Mixtape Hosted By Cutmaster C

2008: D.Chamberz More To Talk About Mixtape

2004 : D.Chamberz (Under the name Xclusiv) I Love the 90s Mixtape